Monoceros – Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher
8 inches in diameter. 28 inches in length.
Wrapped in hand-cut strips of tan buckskin leather.

Very detailed! The outer edge of the web is beaded with bone and glass beads. The inside of the web is beaded with Aquamarine and Fluorite chips. In the middle is a large Turritella shell wrapped in wire.

Leather fringe hangs generously on the bottom of the Dream Catcher. I’ve added Turkey and Marabou feathers next to the fringe with brass cones.

This item is one of a kind and made to last. I’ve used only quality materials; no glue or plastic.

Bad dreams get caught up in the web, good dreams are clever & know how to slip through the middle. It is said that you should take your dream catcher out in the sunlight and let the wind pass through every now and again to clear residual negative energy from bad dreams. Sweet Dreams!

For sale on!


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